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NRA Course Desciptions

(Firearm Instruction, Responsibility, and Safety Training) FIRST Steps - is designed to provide a hands-n introduction to the safe handling and proper orientation of one specific firearm model. There is a course for Rifle, Pistol & Shotgun. FIRST Steps is model specific and teaches only the most basic shooting skills.

Basic Rifle, Pistol & Shotgun - These courses deal with the basic knowledge, skill, and attitudes necessary for owning and using a firearm safely. Through this course, the student will learn about the parts, operation, ammunition, gun safety, and shooting fundamentals of the the firearm. There is a basic course for each type of firearm.

Range Safety Officer (RSO) - This course teaches the basic duties a RSO performs. It provides a thorough introduction to the role of RSOs, range standard operating procedures, range safety briefings, range inspections and rules, emergency procedures na dhow to clear firearm stoppages and correct malfunctions.

Personal Protection In the Home (PPIH) - Teaches the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude essential to the safe and efficient use of a handgun for protection of self and family, and provides information on the law-abiding individual's right to self defense.

Personal Protection Outside the Home (PPOH) - Teaches the knowledge, skills, and attitude essential for avoiding dangerous confrontations and for the safe, effective, and responsible use of a concealed pistol for self-defense outside the home

Defensive Pistol - Teaches the knowledge, skills, and attitude to carry and use a concealed pistol ethically, responsibly, and with confidence.